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When we’re not out scouting the information super highway to find you all the lowest prices, uncovering all the best deals that you never new existed, or developing the website to add loads of extra cool features that will make your gonetomorrow experience even better we get very bored and lonely.

Addmitedly all of this running around the internet and website enhancing does keep us very busy but even so we do occassionally find ourselves splitting our time equally between staring into space, spinning on our very funky wheely chairs (sometimes we even race them down the street) and repeatedly checking our email to see if anyone has emailed us in the last five minutes.

When we find that no one has it makes us feel very sad to think that no one loves us, and we find ourselves wondering what we have done, so please get in touch even if it is just to tell us to “pull yourself together, stop staring into space and get back to work because we need a hand finding a bargain!”

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