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For many console gamers who are old enough to remember the Nintendo SNES, their first real experience of four player action on a home games console was Hudson’s Bomberman, played on a SNES using a multitap.

The internet was barely a glint in the eye of Tim Berners-Lee & the idea of multiplayer online gaming was inconceivable, this was just four people sitting in a room trying like mad to avoid getting blown up!

The concept was simple but stupidly addictive, each player took control of a different coloured bomberman, and ran around laying bombs that exploded a few seconds later, and the last man standing, well, he was the last man standing and therefore the winner!

More than two decades later this iconic game has not got any less crazy, in fact with a wider selection of power ups and the introduction of wi-fi gaming supporting up to 8 players at once, the game has raised the mayhem to a whole new level!

This highly addictive modern day version stretches gameplay across both the screens of the DS console, with warp tunnels (where you can lay bombs) connecting the two screens. One new feature that we especially like is the ability to detonate the remote control bombs, via voice command into the system’s microphone instead of a tap of a button.

Familiar and frantic all at once, Bomberman DS will excite owners of the console with its promise of classic multiplayer fun.

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